Stage 2 Class  20:00 - 20:45

This class is aimed at dogs and handlers who already have basic training or have attended our Stage 1 class and obtained there KC Bronze Award


The class will consist of all types of dogs, of various ages, with no upper age limit.  


You will be encouraged to play and talk to your dog making it much more enjoyable for both you and the dog, but, at the same time achieving your aim in getting your dog to perform the exercises. A lot of time and patience on both the handler’s and trainer’s part is required, but well worth it, but most important is to enjoy it too.


Every handler and dog learn at different speeds, there is no time limit as to how long you spend in the class. The goal of this class to achieve the Silver and Gold Award for the KC Good Citizen Scheme


This class will cover training more advanced than the Stage 1 Class PLUS it will cover the areas listed below to help you and your Dog achieve the KC Silver and Gold Award Status


  • Play with Dog – Teaching Fido to interact with you and a toy

  • Road Walk – General control beside a road when walking

  • Rejoin the Handler – Recall Stay in one Place

  • Vehicle Control – Getting in and out of the car safely and under control

  • Come away from Distractions – Recall with distractions

  • Controlled Greeting – Meeting a stranger with out jumping all over them

  • Food Manners – Not snatching food and being taught to wait for your dinner

  • Examination of the Dog

  • Responsibility and Care – understanding the law and your dog

  • Road Walk

  • Return to Handler's Side

  • Walk Free Beside Handler – No lead

  • Stay Down in one Place

  • Send the Dog to Bed – Teaching Fido to go to bed when asked

  • Stop the Dog – Emergency- stop the dog on the spot

  • Relaxed Isolation – Out of sight stay

  • Food Manners

  • Responsibility and Care

Silver Award

Gold Award