Puppies 18:00 - 18:30

We believe a half an hour class is long enough for puppies to train, however after each class you will have time to ask question and let your puppy socialise futher with other puppies. The class will be relaxed and friendly for you and your new pet and we encourage the whole family to come along to this class and learn how to give the puppy a good start


Unsure if you need to attend puppy training?


The following are a few reasons why puppy training is good for both you and your puppy

1. Socialisation - Puppy training classes are a great way to socialise your new puppy to different surroundings, different dogs and different people. 


2. Bonding - Using play motivated techniques means that your puppy will soon learn that obeying your commands is fun and exciting.


3. Safety - Our puppy training classes cover a number of potentially life saving exercises which you may need in the future such as the recall, leave and instant stop.


4. Mental Exercise -  Depending on the breed you have chosen your new puppy may not be satisfied with physical exercise alone.  Exercises that use your puppy's brain are essential for intelligent/working breeds such as Border Collies.  We teach exercises that you can recreate at home to challenge your puppy's brain such as scent (hide and seek).


Coming to puppy training classes will teach you how to train your puppy in the following exercises;


  • Puppy Recall - teaching your puppy to come when you call

  • Walking on lead in a controlled manner

  • Puppy name - how to use your puppy's name to get their attention

  • Handling - how to be a responsible dog owner

  • Staying in one position for a short period of time - e.g. sit

  • Playing

  • Food manners

  • Socialisation

  • Taking articles away

  • Distractions